Clean Life Uses

100% Eco FriendlyEvery Day In Many Ways Clean Life

The many advantages and features of Clean Life allow it to be used in numerous every day applications for both industry and domestic home use. Check out the areas of application below on how the product can benefit you further.

Clean Life Uses Surface DisinfectionClean Life Disinfectant is a standalone product with its unique safe properties that chemical composed products cannot match. Clean Life provides fast reliable disinfection leaving no harmful residues or odours, enabling it to be used in a wide range of industry and domestic applications where surface disinfection is a priority to ensure pathogens and germs are eliminated.

Applications include:

  • Disinfecting and sanitising surfaces where food is prepared and equipment used to prepare food, e.g. slicers, cutting boards, trays, counters, bench tops, sinks etc.  Clean Life used in these areas leaves no residues that will migrate into foods; ensuring risk of harmful bacteria around food are eliminated.
  • Surfaces exposed to foods and meals, e.g. bars, restaurant tables and benches ensuring that in the clean up after meals germs are eliminated. Ideal alternative to using detergent based compounds with sponges/wipes that retain residues.
  • Clean Life Uses Surface DisinfectionSafe hygiene cleaning and disinfection on general surfaces to avoid contact with irritating residual chemical odours. Ideal for children, elderly, asthmatics, people with allergies, sensitive skins, respiratory ailments and for a general safer method of cleaning.  Suitable in schools, child care, kindergartens, aged care, community centres and homes to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Rubbish bins and waste storage areas are hotbeds for bacteria, vermin and mould. Foul odours are caused by microorganisms that harbour in these areas and the risk of hazardous bacteria remains after bins have been washed. Clean Life kills bacteria spores, reducing smells and eliminates health risks without any harm to the environment as its natural composition makes it safe when drained away.
Water Disinfection Treatment LegionellaClean Life offers significant advantages in water treatment with the ability to provide potable water and also to control the prevention of Legionella in water systems for industrial, commercial and domestic buildings.

There are a number of methods used for water treatment, some involving chemicals that result in toxic by-products and other methods that impact smell and taste of water. Clean Life Disinfection Systems for water treatment offer significant advantages over other methods such as: Chlorine Gas; Chlorine Dioxide; Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and UV Radiation.

Primary advantages of the Clean Life Water Treatment System include:

  • Safe elimination of Legionella, germs and bacteria and the removal of existing biofilms
  • Prevents new formation of  biofilms
  • Very quick and reliable disinfection in water, without enabling any formation of resistance
  • Non toxic, non hazardous and non corrosive to water infrastructure
  • Non invasive system to implement and no interruption to water flow
  • Safe operation without extensive safety regulations
  • Low maintenance expense for equipment
  • Individual disinfection of tapping points, e.g. shower heads

Water Disinfection Treatment Legionella

As energy costs escalate globally, the Clean Life Water Treatment system can provide asset owners large savings on energy expenses with a simple low cost system. This has further benefits to the environment in general with the potential to save on CO2 emissions.

Integrated into the building’s water system, Clean Life Water Treatment is tailored to suit specific application needs for existing or new infrastructure within the building design. For further details on the Clean Life Water Treatment system contact our office on the Contact Us page.

Clean Life Industry UseClean Life offers many uses for industry as a safe alternative to chemical based methods and processes consuming high energy requirements.

  • Food & Beverage Industry – Disinfecting and sanitising surfaces in contact with food items. A safer alternative to chemical based sanitisers, minimising the risk of chemical migration into foods and also reducing delays in manufacturing processes without waiting for chemicals to evaporate or needing to be washed down. Also for washing down foods instead of chemical and chlorine methods.
  • Agricultural Industry – Disinfecting areas where livestock and animals assemble, minimising use of aggressive chemicals as Clean Life is also safe when in contact with animals. Disinfecting areas where fresh produce is stored and processed, reducing chemicals in contact with fruits and vegetables. Disinfection washes of fresh produce to eliminate germs and bacteria, in lieu of chlorine and chemical based methods that can be absorbed into foods.
  • Clean Life Industry UseFisheries – Disinfecting surfaces, preventing the spread of bacteria between different sea species. Also able to form ice using Clean Life, ensures no bacteria will be absorbed into fish, seafood when ice areas start melting.
  • Organic food industry – Suitable for use in many day to day processes from cleaning, disinfecting and washing, minimising the use of any chemicals in general and specific processes.
  • Water treatment control – Clean Life system dosed into water lines that are used in any form of production process, including water used in food production, to ensure water is bacteria and Legionella free.
Clean Life Animal SafetyAreas frequented by animals or where pets are housed will harbour bacteria that can be a health hazard to the pet owner, surrounding environment and to the animal. Clean Life Disinfectant is ideally suited for eliminating germs and animal odours in areas where animals live or play. Clean Life will assist by naturally dissolving smell forming residues such as urine, excrement and secretions from glands. Suitable for kennels, animal enclosures, stables, cat litter pans, aviaries and bird cages, veterinarian facilities, Clean Life provides fast and reliable effectiveness without enabling any formation of resistance.

Disinfection for washable textiles, e.g. covers, blankets etc that are used for pets and animals, prevents the spread of disease and bacteria while rapidly eliminating olfactory inconvenience in a natural way without harmful chemicals. Enhances overall health of animals and keeps their environments germ free.

Clean Life Animal SafetyAlso suitable for veterinarian clinics, animal husbandry areas and areas where animals frequent. Clean Life, as it is safe for humans is also safe for animals, minimising chemicals that they can come into contact with. Ensuring water sources that animals drink from are free of bacteria and chemicals, Clean Life used to dose water that animals drink will help improve their overall health levels and reduce stress.