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February 25th, 2015

With Nanna’s mixed berries in the lime light, as a consumer and lover of healthy food, it highlights the importance of cleaning the fruit and vegetables that we put on our tables. This is particularly important when feeding a family of young, hungry children who just want to dig in!

To help keep you and your family safe from these nasties, we thought we’d give you a few helpful hints for using Clean Life in and around your kitchen.fruit

1.       Wash your fresh produce

Clean Life can be diluted at 1 part to 10-20 parts water to clean fruit and vegetables, removing residual germs and residues – Clean Life kills bacteria including Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, Staphylococcus and yeast species.

While Clean Life is a great natural disinfectant, it can also enhance the life of fruits and vegetables when washed in a solution of 1 part Clean Life to 10-20 parts water, acting as a natural preservative. This will not only remove the bacteria from the produce, but also
any residue left on the fruits and vegetables.

young kids happy childrens family preparing funny cookies in kitchen at home2.       Get the kids involved

As Clean Life is chemical free and easy to use, you can get the little ones involved
– make up a game that makes them want to help you out!

3.       A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen

Clean Life is safe to use in areas in direct contact with food. As a 100% natural product,
there is no chemical migration into food when in direct contact with Clean Life – even if used in its concentrated state. Wipe down kitchen bench tops, sinks, cutting boards and
slicers before and after creating your delicious home cooked meals.

4.        Hand Hygienehand-washing1                                                  

And of course hand hygiene is always a given!



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