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March 3rd, 2014


What does clean smell like? From all of our senses, smell takes a battering every living minute of our lives and subconsciously we’ve been conditioned (and condition many of those around us) to think the scent of a lingering fragrance or that of bleach is connected to clean.  I’ve recently had this discussion with customers who have been using Clean Life at home and in the work place after becoming converted with using Clean Life Disinfectant as an alternative to cleaners and bleaches. When first using Clean Life to disinfect it felt strange as there were no lingering scents like bleach or deodorant sprays, but it then didn’t take long to really start to find what “clean” really smells like creating a natural fresh trace.

Baby boomers through to Gen Y have been exposed and conditioned from a very young age to associate clean with these types of fragrant and bleach scents, which is primarily due to the influence from the large corporate  chemical companies around the globe impacting what we use in our homes and everyday lives.

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We’re now living in an information age where many of the “tricks” of chemical companies are exposed, but are we smart enough to change habits we’ve been conditioned to for most of our lives? I spoke in an earlier blog about the dangers of bleach but unfortunately it is not just bleach that causes issues.

Fragrances in many of the cleaners, sprays, detergents and disinfectants are hazardous. Did you know that there can be more than 3000 chemicals used in fragrance mixtures and many of these chemicals are irritants that can trigger allergies, migraines, and asthma symptoms? In addition, synthetic musks used in these products are also suspected endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the endocrine (hormone) system and known to cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, developmental disorders and other serious health conditions.


Air fresheners are often a cocktail of fragrance chemicals, in some cases including cancer-causing benzene and formaldehyde, as well as phthalates and numerous VOCs.  These chemicals provide many potential issues to humans, worse for children and the elderly, and more for the fact they linger and are absorbed into surfaces. Next time you decide to spray anything around the kitchen think of what could be absorbed into surrounding foods or surfaces food is applied to, and in the bathroom what could be absorbed into toilet paper, toothbrushes, combs and towels. And before looking to the so called “enviro or eco friendly” cleaners, check out the ingredients to ensure they are what they claim to be before going with the emotional purchase, as very few don’t have fragrances which have these chemicals and surfactants.

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So then what does “Clean” smell like? Well, all these chemical cleaners and disinfectants are designed to kill bacteria and germs, problem is they can take out more than just the germs. Because of the toxic and extremely strong smell of these chemicals,  fragrant scents we’re all conditioned to associate with “clean” are used to mask the chemical odours, otherwise nobody would buy these products. So you end up with 2 for the price of 1 when you buy these products, the chemicals and the chemical fragrance. It is the odours caused by bacteria and germs in kitchens, bins, bathrooms, toilets, laundries etc that we are trying to rid or prevent, and killing these germs will remove these odours. With Clean Life, instead of leaving a chemical fragrant scent, a natural fresh smell is provided which is very different from anything else. As germs and bacteria are immediately killed with Clean Life, a natural clean smell lingers. Whenever our bathroom and kitchen has been cleaned with Clean Life it has a unique clean and fresh scent without the irritating fragrant or strong bleach odour. 

And after recently cleaning our fridge in the workplace office, Clean Life removed all the stench of aged food odours leaving a fresh smell, with the bonus of being safe when food was immediately placed back into it.


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