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February 14th, 2014

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So we’ve been talking about how safe Clean Life is for ourselves and children, the benefits offered to how we use it in the kitchen around food and in our homes as a safer alternative to bleach. But spare a thought for animals, particularly our pets.

At best we probably expose them to as many chemicals we subject ourselves to at times and these aren’t good for them either. If we’re not looking after pet hygiene and not keeping their environments clean and free of germs, then this can expose them to a whole lot of nasty bacteria which is not good for their wellbeing, which then leads to the increased risks to us all when in contact with pets. Did you know E.Coli and Salmonella can be spread by pets, not to mention a whole bunch of nasty parasites and bugs?

So where can we use Clean Life with our pets? The question should be where can’t you use Clean Life around pets, as it is safe around animals and improves their overall health.

Dog bath

Some of the ways Clean Life is commonly used for pets to protect against bacteria and improve their general wellbeing includes:

Dogs – no matter if they are pups or fully grown, Clean Life can be sprayed directly onto your dog. Our dog gets a regular spray to his body, particularly the tummy area, as I’ve seen some of the things they roll around in. Clean Life kills off any bugs in their fur. For large or older dogs that are difficult to sometimes bath, Clean Life sprayed over the dog is a great way to give them a healthy clean. Kennels, food dishes, blankets, baskets, mats and sleeping areas are hotbeds for E.Coli and bugs. Spraying Clean Life over these areas not only keeps your dog germ free but also ensures children and people are safe, as many times bacteria outbreaks start from pets and areas they commonly occupy. If your kids are anything like mine around the pet dog, then hands all over the dog is an easy way for bacteria to be transmitted. Giving our dog a good Clean Life is not only for his benefit but also for all of us.

Also, when it comes to the dog bath, according to our breeders, we shouldn’t bath and shampoo too frequent as it is not good for the natural shine and oils on his fur. So, in between the scheduled shampoo baths, our dog gets a Clean Life bath once a week, using 250ml of Clean Life into 5 litres of water kills the bacteria and is a safe way to keep him clean.

Zwei britisch Kurzhaar Kätzchen - british shorthair kitten

Cats – well pretty much the same as spraying over dogs. When you consider where and what cats get up to, then bugs and germs will carry. Cleaning or spraying your cat with Clean Life will keep the cat and your home healthy. Cat litters can also be sprayed with Clean Life and any of their favourite resting areas.


Birds – whether you have a single bird in a cage or many in an aviary, bird enclosures can be the ideal environment for E.Coli and other bacteria that build up from their droppings and lost feathers that sits on the cage floor.  Spraying the bottom of the cage will instantly kill any living bacteria housing in the area and spraying a mist over the bird will do the same job, and no harm to the bird. Commercially in areas where chickens are housed for breeding, Clean Life is now being used as a safer alternative to chemicals sprays and washes used. Clean Life won’t affect their food or drinking water if it comes into direct contact. It has been proven the heath state of animals is higher when Clean Life is used to keep their water clean and disinfect/sanitise their living areas, with less stress on the animal providing better yields. Organic farmers are fast learning this. Soon we hope to report on the results of tests being carried out with Clean Life against the Bird Flu virus. Going by results we’ve had against bacteria and other virus strains, such as polio, we’re optimistic of a favourable result to report soon.

goldfish jumping - improvement and career concept

Fish – how could we forget our aquatic pets. Fish bowls, aquariums and ponds can all benefit from the use of Clean Life. Those of you with fish bowls and aquariums, keeping them clean can be a regular pain in the backside, taking fish out while giving the glass surface a good clean and scrub. Next time you clean your fish bowl or aquarium, add 10ml of Clean Life for every litre of water and take note of how you control the green growth on the glass surface. Do this once a week and you’ll see how you won’t be cleaning the area as frequently. And the fish love a clean environment without any traces of bleach used to clean the area. Ponds can be kept cleaner the same way, as it is a natural method to prevent the build up of algae on the surrounding surfaces and 100% safe for aquatic life.

Blankets used for horses, cats, dogs etc cannot only be sprayed with Clean Life, but keep the blankets free of bacteria and chemicals by washing them with Clean Life. Refer to last week’s blog on how washing with Clean Life is a safe way to disinfect.

So from pet mice to horses, our pets and animal friends can benefit just as much as we can from a chemical and bacteria free life by using Clean Life in all areas.  When our pets are clean and healthy, so are we. Anyone with any photos or stories of using Clean Life with their pets, we’d love to hear from you so please send them through to us.

Enjoy the week ahead and until our next blog, keep healthy with Clean Life.


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