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February 3rd, 2014

Washing Machine

With the increasing awareness about the negative impact of chemicals on our health, it hasn’t taken long to realise that washing machines at home and in commercial laundries are big contributors to chemicals we expose ourselves to.

The average family washes approximately 30kg of laundry per week, the bigger or more active family can be greater than 50kg of laundry in an average week. Commercial laundries process tonnes of laundry in a week, so that is a lot of cycles of wash, rinse and spin happening every day around the country.

I could write pages on the many toxic chemicals found in detergents and additives we place in our laundry, and it is a little scary to know of the toxic and cancer causing chemicals that are present in our laundry products. Foaming agents, surfactants, Dioxane (synthetic petrochemical), sulphonates, phenols, optical brighteners, fragrances and bleaches are all commonly found in laundry products. In the mild form these chemicals can contribute to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other irritable skin irritations, even acne. However as with most chemical dangers it’s what we can’t see that can be the most damaging, as many of these chemicals, some proven carcinogens, are absorbed into our skin through clothing and can cause cancer along with permanent damage to kidneys, livers and other major organs.

Clothes LineWe all like our clothes clean, fresh and soft, and there are alternatives to consider such as baking soda, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and coarse salt, along with a few of the truly “eco friendly” laundry cleaners (carefully check to the ingredients on bottles). But besides cleaning our clothes we need to ensure they are disinfected as the risk of bacteria can be just as damaging to us. E.Coli, Hepatitis A virus, norovirus, rotavirus, salmonella, and golden staph can be found on clothes and will harbour inside washing machines if they are not killed, and traditionally there are 2 ways to prevent the bacteria risk in laundry, which is using bleach and ensuring hot water used exceeds 60 Degrees Celsius. Besides what we now know about bleach dangers, the cost of energy now makes disinfection of laundry expensive and can be a big contributor to the monthly electrical and gas bills.


Enter Clean Life in the laundry. Here are some facts of how Clean Life can be used to disinfect laundry in the home and in commercial operations:

Washing liquid cap

  1. Clean Life can be added to laundry to ensure the wash load is disinfected and free of germs and bacteria without needing to use hot water. Clean Life will disinfect in cold wash.
  2. For an 8kg load use 2 caps or 100ml of Clean Life; 16kg load use 3 caps or 150ml, loads greater than 16kg use 4 caps or 200ml. Cap to measure is a standard laundry cap and Clean Life should be placed into the fabric softener dispenser in front or top load washing machines.
  3. Clean Life will not stain or whiten clothes. Even when directly sprayed onto clothes there is no staining.

mother with little baby doing laundry4. Is non toxic, provides a fresh natural smell without the odour of any chemicals or artificial fragrance and is safe around young, old and anyone with sensitive respiratory conditions.

5. Clean Life will disinfect and ensure no bacteria or germs are present in the wash. Also ensures no chemicals are present in the dried clothes (unless other additives have been used in the wash).

6. Clean Life is perfect for baby and children’s clothes to ensure sensitive skins are not exposed to chemicals. Ideal for washing soft toys.

clothes line 2 - teddy


7. Will save energy in your home, being more eco friendly and reduce your energy bills. For commercial laundries Clean Life saves tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

8. Reduces chemicals in our water ways, removing the additives, detergents and chemicals from traditional laundry washes.

9. Remember Clean Life will disinfect without needing to heat water, but is not a stain remover.

So besides all the benefits Clean Life offers in the kitchen, bathroom, around the home and work place, Clean Life also provides a chemical free alternative in the laundry saving energy which helps reduce green house gas emissions, as well as saving real dollars off of electricity and gas bills.

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