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January 23rd, 2014


So you are sitting at the restaurant table and see that across from you the waitress is preparing for the next diners, and there it comes out landing onto the table…the table wipe, or worse, the sponge.  Moving in the same way Karate Kid was taught “Wipe On, Wipe Off” the table wipe is being used to prepare the area for people and food.

Literally what is happening are germs and bacteria being wiped off and then wiped on, then you smell the cocktail of some type of detergent and food residue used in the wipe left over the table to dry. This has been happening at every table being “cleaned”, throughout the waitress’ shift, and you can’t see it but there is a whiff and a scent of food, chemicals and cleaners that doesn’t smell right because your table was prepared the same way just before you sat down. Still hungry? Spare a thought for the waitress, she’s been doing this for 4 hours straight smelling the wipe she constantly goes to and left wondering what she’s actually doing.

Waitress 2

Plenty of studies from around the world have found that in some restaurants the toilets have fewer germs than at restaurant tables. Take into account the state of menus and the condiments on the table and this can cause a loss of appetite real quick.

In our homes even though we try to keep benches and tables clean and hygienic we don’t realise that some of the methods will contribute to the risk of spreading bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and a range of other germs. Clean Life Disinfectant will enable you to avoid this risk quite easily following some simple steps:

* Avoid using sponges to wipe a table or bench before you prepare or place food on it. Sponges absorb liquids, water and spills, they don’t keep a surface clean because they retain bacteria and allow germs to harbor in them.

Before preparing food preparation areas or tables for serving food, spray Clean Life directly to all areas. Bacteria and germs will be killed in seconds. If the wet appearance needs to be removed use a clean dry wipe that is dedicated to wiping over after spraying Clean Life. If there is food present, any overspray of Clean Life is safe and will not harm food.

* After finishing the preparation of food on benches or after meal time, use a sponge to remove solid or sloppy residue. Then spray the total area with Clean Life and if drying, use a dry wipe.

Table wipe

* This can be done on sinks and even inside your fridge. On stainless surfaces, if Clean Life is left to dry it can leave a slight salt residue; this can be avoided by wiping with a dry wipe or wiping over with a cloth dampened with Clean Life to remove.

* Sponges can be disinfected by pouring Clean Life into a small bowl and soak your sponge in it. Soak, then rinse the sponge down a drain, and repeat 2 or 3 times and this will ensure the sponge is germ free.

* Always wash hands before preparing food, or if you prefer spray them with Clean Life.

Some simple steps to prevent causing any bacteria illnesses in your own home, and the next time you see the waitress wiping tables down the old way, give her link to this blog so all patrons eat safe and healthy.

Mother preparing lunch boxTip – Back to school next week, to keep the stench out of lunch boxes and ensure they are clean and bacteria free, spray Clean Life directly inside and let them dry. All smells are gone knowing your children aren’t harboring any germs inside and no chemicals are coming anywhere near food in such a small confined space.

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