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January 6th, 2014

Blue water droplets As the first blog for 2014, we kick off by covering some of the unique facts about Clean Life, its uses, advantages when using and the many benefits for all. Here goes with 10 amazing facts:

1. Clean Life is made from salt and water only, and after passing through a unique electrolytic process, a revolutionary powerful disinfectant is formed that kills bacteria and germs, without any preservatives, with no colourants, surfactants and chemical free. 

Clean Life Uses Surface Disinfection

Clean Life Uses Surface Disinfection

2. Clean Life is safe for areas directly in contact with food, such as kitchen bench tops, sinks, carving boards and slicers. No drying or evaporation required such as chemical based sanitisers, Clean Life is safe even if it is applied directly onto food and enables food to be placed over it immediately after it is sprayed onto surfaces. 

3. When tested to Australian Standards against common bacteria strains that are major risks in the food industry and general daily life, Clean Life showed a  100% kill within a contact  time of 15 seconds against over a million colonies of the following bacteria

– Salmonella, commonly linked to meat and poultry related foods                                             listeriaecoli

– E.Coli, common cause of food poisoning

– Listeria, linked to seafoods, raw vegetables and fruits, dairy and milk products

– Staphylococcus aureus (also known as Golden staph), linked to infection of open cuts or wounds.

-Yeast species, where no fungal count was detected after testing.

So effective against bacteria, when testing was carried out in German laboratories it was also found to have the same effect against the polio virus. Although no claims are made for medical use of Clean Life, this test against the polio virus was conducted to reinforce the rapid effectiveness of this product.

toliet4. Clean Life is a safer alternative than common bleach products for disinfecting toilet and bathroom areas, leaving no strong odours. Clean Life disinfects and leaves a fresh clean natural smell. Also ideal for use inside refrigerators and freezers (after defrosting) to remove any bacteria and odours.  


5. Clean life can be diluted at 1 part to 10-20 parts water to clean fruit and vegetables, to remove any residual germs. The next time you buy strawberries and wash them with a dilution of Clean Life, watch out for the residue left in the water Clean Life removes that would otherwise have been ingested. Same applies for lettuces and other fresh produce cleaned after purchasing.

6. Clean Life will extend the freshness of fresh fruit, such as grapes, cherries, fruit and vegetable susceptible to early rot. Spraying Clean Life directly over these foods keeps them fresher for an additional 36-48 hours. Clean Life is safe in this application and will not stain or taint food.  Lightly rinse foods before eating to remove any fine salt residue that may be present.  

kitchen floor

 7. Clean Life can be used as a natural disinfectant for mopping floors. Using no chemical disinfectants, Clean Life can be used in concentrate as a bleach alternative or diluted at 10:1. Also suitable for use in steam mops, using 50ml of Clean Life into 1 litre of water before steaming will provide a bacteria free floor.


8. Although having a strong smell in its wet concentrated form, as soon as Clean Life is applied to surfaces it provides a fresh clean odour without any residual strong odours. Ideal alternative to bleach around people with respiratory problems or immune deficiencies, asthmatics, elderly, cancer patients and young children.

Zwei britisch Kurzhaar Kätzchen - british shorthair kitten

9. Clean Life is ideal to wash pets or spray areas where pets frequent. Clean Life will not only kill bacteria that are present around pets, but also removes any odours that may be lingering on mats, kennels, cages, blankets etc.

trash cans for garbage separation10. Clean Life is an effective disinfectant for washing down and disinfecting bins. Hosing down bins with water doesn’t kill bacteria spores and often causes bacteria to spread to other areas outside of bins. Clean Life effectively kills bacteria in bins and unlike chemical disinfectants, Clean Life can be placed down drains as it is 100% biodegradable.

Clean Life Disinfectant is so different to chemical based disinfectants that users are finding new applications every day around the home and workplace that were never dreamed of. I recently gave a friend of mine a bottle of Clean Life and asked him to use it over the Christmas period around the home while he had family from interstate staying over. I gave him a rundown of the above facts and he sent me a message the other day complaining that I only gave him 1 litre, telling me he’s trying to find areas in his home where he can’t use Clean Life!

Happy New Year to all our followers, wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2014. Until the next blog…
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