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December 18th, 2013

Clean Life BacteriaYou’ve got to wonder at times what is worse, the bacteria and germs we spend so much time taking precautions against by disinfecting and sanitising in our everyday lives or the chemicals that we expose ourselves to from all the disinfecting and cleaning.

Bacteria and germs can have serious health effects if not dealt with quickly so we ensure that precautions are taken by disinfecting the home, work place, public areas, schools, restaurants and industry in general to ensure no serious outbreak of bacteria will happen on our watch. History has shown us how quick germs and bacteria can negatively impact our lives in such a short time, however recent history has also shown us how chemicals and the nasty residues that linger can cause all sorts of health issues. We can’t see it as quick as we can with the effects of bacteria, but one thing is for sure, the effects of being exposed to chemicals, may not be immediately evident but they sure do show up later in the form of minor and unfortunately serious health issues that medical science has proven can cause cancer and debilitating conditions.

Clean Life OptionsEver wonder why so many kids have all types of allergies to different foods now that we never knew existed when we were kids. I remember at school, kids had allergies to pollen, bee stings, there were always asthmatics and some of us were allergic to homework too, but these days I can’t believe what kids are allergic to. My daughter has kids in her class with allergies to nuts, some of the same kids are allergic to eggs and dairy, other have allergies to wheat, seafood and shellfish, tree nuts and soy. These are to name a few of the common ones but there are more severe allergies out there that didn’t seem to exist when many of us were kids. Now the 70’s and 80’s was not that long ago and I know lifestyles have changed a lot since then, but something has significantly changed in the way we live that most of us are totally oblivious too. We can’t see it, but there are things we continuously do as a society, either directly or indirectly that are all contributing factors to the negative health conditions we see around us today.

Clean Life Food PrepNews of bacteria resistance and formation of super bugs are popping up quicker than images of Miley Cyrus and her tongue hanging out. All this is happening at a time when medical science is more advanced than at any other time in history, and we’re told that these superbugs and bacteria are now resistant to some antibiotics. Wow! Whenever I hear and read about that it scares me and also makes me wonder what we have done to get to this point.

In the first of our weekly Clean Life blog I don’t intend to provide the answers to these issues raised, as this would take pages to write about as superbugs, allergies, health conditions and diseases that are all prevalent wherever we turn today didn’t just happen overnight. However what I do want to focus in this first blog is that we can reduce the exposure to these chemical nasties in our lives. Many things happen around us that can’t totally eliminate these exposures, but we certainly can minimise them and take some control back in our day to day lives.

Clean Life ChildrenMany blogs to come will go into more specific ways Clean Life can make numerous changes in the world around us; however in this week’s blog the primary highlight is the general use of Clean Life as a disinfectant. If you smell the product (and if doing so take caution as it is very strong), you’ll note a strong odour that many describe as similar to bleach or sodium hypochlorite. The unique thing about Clean Life is that it’s been produced from 2 materials: water + salt and nothing else. These 2 materials are treated through a unique electrolytic process that results in the product that is Clean Life, a strong effective disinfectant that provides rapid action against bacteria and germs that many chemical based disinfectants can do, but most importantly leaves no chemical residues and no risk that chemical based compounds have as Clean Life has no preservatives, no colourants, surfactants, plasticisers or any other chemical commonly found in disinfectants and sanitisers.

Clean Life MeatNow you may ask why the strong odour? Well the process the salt and water go through forms a solution that has 0.02% of sodium hypochlorite. Since the mid 1700s it has been well known that sodium hypochlorite is a quality disinfectant but to be effective it has always had to be in solutions at high levels, commonly found in bleaches at 8-12%. This level of sodium hypochlorite formed along with the unique charge of the water, provides a disinfectant with 600 times less the sodium hypochlorite present in chemical based bleaches. Furthermore, when the Clean Life product is applied to any surface it leaves no chemical residue; the only residue found is a tiny amount of salt as it returns to its original state immediately after disinfecting or killing off bacteria wherever it is applied. This enables Clean Life to be safely used around people, animals and food as there is no chemical migration into anything around it. It has been scientifically tested against numerous bacteria including: E. Coli, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Listeria, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and yeast bacteria; all providing fast and effective action without the risk found in chemical based products. It has also been proven as a high quality water treatment product at ratios of 1:1000, to enable water to be potable for humans and Legionella free.

Clean Life is made with no preservatives, so shelf life differs to chemical based disinfectants. In general our 20Lt and 5lt bottle has a shelf life of 3 months and our 1Litre has a shelf life of 2 months, so when using always refer to the Use By date on the label. Like many fanatics that use the product, once you use it, you’ll find applications you’ve never been able to use traditional based disinfectants for, so usage will be more frequent as Clean Life can be used in the kitchen around food, near kids, pets, the elderly and everywhere around the home and workplace.

So while I do my homework in preparation for next week’s blog (funny how some things change!), enjoy the read and hope you join us on the Clean Life movement.

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