About Clean Life

Clean Life Revolution

Without the use of any chemical agents in the production process, Clean Life Disinfectant is made from 2 of the world’s oldest commodities: water and salt. Using a technically advanced electrolytic process, a unique form of disinfectant is formed that is truly revolutionary and sustainably effective against microorganisms and pathogenic germs.

Clean Life Disinfection systems are free of chemical agents, without any use of chemical additives such as surfactants, plasticisers, bleaching agents, colourants or flavours. Clean Life provides a safe and fast effective disinfectant that protects against bacteria and germs without being exposed to the risks of chemical exposure.

Non toxic, non caustic, non hazardous and 100% biodegradable, Clean Life provides equal or greater effectiveness than conventional chemical based products.  Having been scientifically proven and tested by accredited laboratories, Clean Life offers systems that can be used for a number of applications in surface disinfection as well as treatment of water to ensure it is potable for human consumption and bacteria free including Legionella.

The safe features of Clean Life provide significant advantages over traditional chemical based disinfectants, without putting people, animals or the environment at risk. Energy efficient and environmentally safe, the production process of Clean Life is a simple innovative process that is free of extensive energy processes, requires no heating, no complex chemical compositions and forms zero waste. As a green friendly system, there are large energy savings Clean Life provides to industry with significant reductions to cost and CO2 emissions.