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Safe Disinfection Technology

Clean Life DisinfectantIn a world where everywhere we turn our lives are exposed to chemicals and the potential effects they have on humans, animals and the environment, Clean Life provides a safe alternative to combat bacteria and germs while reducing our daily exposure to these risks.

Our aim is for a Clean Life Movement to change our world, a place where the exposure to all the hazardous risks and health issues associated with chemicals is significantly reduced. Clean Life gives us an opportunity to change the way we do things by living in a clean germ free environment without the fear of chemicals in the atmosphere or in our foods and water. Hope you’ll join our movement….

Using a technically advanced electrolytic process, a unique form of disinfectant is formed that is truly revolutionary from the combination of active oxidants that provide high strength disinfecting power.

Clean Life has a number of uses and applications for:

  • Industry: Food & Beverage, Agricultural and Farming
  • Water Treatment System for Legionella and bacteria control
  • Disinfection and cleaning for home and business hygiene
  • Animal hygiene
  • General control of germs and bacteria